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“I  just want to send a note to say thank you! My husband and I are the Youth Pastors of our teens church. I used one of your bible lessons this  past Wednesday for our Youth Class and they LOVED it!”  – Kelly

“I just reviewed the material and am really excited to start a small study with my daughter, 2 other mothers and their daughters.” – email

“I made copies of it for the girls in my cabin at Christian Camp . . . I think you did an awesome job with it. I am now printing one for my 13 year old daughter. She has been a Christian most of her life but this will be her first Bible Study so I wanted to keep it simple.”   – K. G.

“Thank you! My class loves your studies!”  – Rev. Tami

“I  am one of a number of facilitators that shares with a group of senior teens at our Church. We started to take a closer look at the Beatitudes on Sunday so your study will be very useful!!”  – Wayne

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE STUDIES! I searched around all over the place for Bible studies for my 10-year-old step-daughter. These are soooo perfect.” – Emily

“I incorporated the scripture cards as a helpful tool to use on a daily basis to meditate on. They often find it hard to relate/apply the bible to their own lives at this age, so it was a great help.” – P.S.

“Our children have been blessed. They get really excited because they are able to have their own little packets. Your lessons are very simple in format and yet powerful. I used them for ages (girls and boys) 7-14.”  – Wendy

“Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU! I used your teen bible study on the Fruit of the Spirit last night and it was the best class that we have ever had in the 2 months that we have been doing Teen Bible studies at my Church!!! I was struggling with age-appropriate material and your studies were just perfect!!” – Tori

“I just started a teen girl only Bible study at church. Thank you for using King James! It has been very hard to find.” – Karen

“My daughter hurt her wrist a couple of weeks ago and having a cast in the summer is really depressing. I told her she was getting the few studies she didn’t have yet and she perked up, getting especially excited over the Proverbs. She works in our church nursery and her teacher & I both are doing the same Proverbs study. Now she has one for her age.”  – Kathy

“I am so excited about the new Proverbs study. Thank you for providing this wonderful service to us moms of tweens and teens.” – Patsi

“I  printed your study “The Fruit of the Spirit” and it was perfect. We had our bible study and the girls loved it. This is the first Bible study that I have ever directed… I was able to confidently bless these wonderful young princesses”   – S.G.

“We used MODESTY this past week, which teens in this day and age desperately need. And to know they loved the lesson set up and how it was explained speaks highly of the contents, efforts, and knowledge that went into the lesson. Your lessons are simple, easy to follow, yet packed with wisdom! Thank you so very much!!  – Kelly

“I work with 6 young ladies ranging in ages 13-15 and I am thankful to find a resource to help me with this  ministry” – Claudette

“I taught one of your lessons last week. Three teenage young men. It was a joy to teach and watch them learn. Thank you so very much”.

“Your bible studies are just perfect. My two grand-daughters are visiting me for the summer and we wanted to have a four-week Bible study. We went to our local Christian store in search of a study that meets our needs we were so disappointed as we found nothing. We were so disappointed but our disappointment turned into joy as my daughter emailed me the link to your site”. – S. G.

“Thank you for your outlines and teaching material, it is a real challenge for me to teach the teens and keep them biblically correct. Your material is a blessing.”

“I just downloaded your Modesty Bible study. Thanks! I love the study!” – Krystle

“I found your study guides and truly appreciate what you’ve done. God has been calling me to talk with my daughter and her friends, but I’ve allowed fear to prevent me from doing it until now. We started with “Far Above Rubies” last week and it went wonderfully. These studies are a blessing to those of us who are just beginning.” – Pam

“…an excellent tool to help turn their hearts toward the Lord” – email

“I am a youth pastor and youth camp director and plan to use parts for our annual purity luncheon so many young ladies will be blessed by your efforts. Thank you!”  – email

“I am using the bible study for my own girls, but also am going to offer it to some ladies who are fairly new Christians and were saying that they needed a bible study like this to define how they need to present themselves. We will all learn together, no doubt. The study is beautiful. Thank you! I am learning so much about what I needed to know about modesty etc. We are just beginners in this and we are loving it.”  –  T.M.

“I am a 15-year-old girl and I have started a bible study with my younger sisters and their friends..their friends only came to the Lord about 2 weeks ago…thanks very much!” – email

“I was asked to teach youth Bible study at the last min. and was so very happy to find these lessons, they were a quick study and very easy to explain………..Thank you all so very much…………Love IT!!!!”

“I find the lessons very helpful in getting my youth to understand about the Bible and JESUS!! Thank you. May God continue to  bless your ministry.”

“I have been enjoying going through it all. I can’t wait to get started with the girls in our church” – Mary, Calvary Chapel

“Each study is brief and well written. Written exercises encourage girls to gather information from the Bible and the dictionary. It presents scripture to support key statements and encourages girls to look toward the Bible for answers to all of life’s questions. Mrs. St. George challenges girls to examine their own behavior and measure it against God’s word and to become doers of the word, not hearers only.  While each study presents plenty of “meat” for our daughters to chew on, they also offer fun appealing crafts and activities to help expand on each topic.  Overall, I would recommend them to be used alongside your daughter, as an independent devotional, or for group study with a church or homeschool group.” – Jessica Harvey, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

free bible study lesson printable pdf worksheets for small groups, homeschool bible curriculum, kids, teens, adults